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Relationship agreements

You might be aware that pre-nuptial agreements aren’t automatically binding in the English courts. That doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Judges are usually keen to apply them as long as they’re fair and clearly made with everyone’s informed consent.

As such, they’re now very common practice for people marrying or entering a civil partnership – not just the rich. And since they deal with what would happen in the event of a split – which no one likes to think about – they need a sensitive approach. We blend the skills of both our family law and private wealth teams to handle negotiations with care.

Post-nuptial agreements – made during the marriage – are also increasingly common. A couple might choose to have a post-nup after a separation and reconciliation, or if their financial circumstances have changed.

If you’re not planning to marry but want to safeguard against future tensions, we also advise on cohabitation agreements for couples who are living together, or who plan to do so.