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Alternative dispute resolution

We strongly believe it’s always worth considering alternative dispute resolution (ADR). That is, resolving a dispute to a client’s best advantage without involving the courts.

Arbitration: the preferred path for international commercial disputes

Our team is familiar with virtually every leading international, regional and national arbitral insitution, including the ICC, LCIA, AAA and DIS. We’re equally experienced in organising and conducting ad hoc arbitration under UNCITRAL arbitration rules or national arbitration laws.

We advise and act for clients in all aspects of arbitration. That could be drafting agreements or representing them in proceedings worldwide. We also routinely assist with foreign proceedings, which might include getting evidence or interim protective measures from the English courts.

Our team includes trained arbitrators who accept appointments through leading UK and international arbitration institutions as well as sitting independently.

Mediation: fast and effective even in the most complex cases

It’s frequently part of the litigation and arbitration process, but mediation can take place without any formal proceedings.

We’ll advise clients when mediation is appropriate and when it’s not. If it is, we’ll prepare the matter so the client’s in the strongest possible negotiating position, prepare and present statements and submissions, and conduct the meeting with them. We’ll also advise on the terms of settlement agreement, and can follow upto monitor and make sure they’re fulfilled.

We work with the leading ADR institutions but also organise and conduct independent mediation. Some of our lawyers and accredited mediators with organisations such as the ADR Group and ART Resolve; they act as mediators nationally and internationally.