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If the name sounds quite traditional, that’s because it is: almshouses are among our oldest charities. Some of them have offered sanctuary for people suffering poverty for over 1,000 years – and now need 21st-century legal support as they continue in their important work.

Today, almshouses often occupy buildings of great beauty and historical interest. Most importantly, they offer essential accommodation for some 35,000 residents. Some now offer extra or residential care or grants for poverty relief. Subject to charity law and usually regulated by the Charity Commission, some are also registered social housing – with the regulatory obligations which come with that.

We have extensive experience advising almshouse trustees on issues including residents’ rights (including issues affecting independent living), safeguarding, permanent endowment and restricted funds, funding agreements, restructuring, mergers, modernisation and property law. We’ve also developed a governance toolkit for trustees to support them in their decision-making.