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International family law

International families are more common than ever. But when they break down, the tricky legal questions involved in separation can become even more complex – especially where children are involved.

Sometimes, there will be a dispute about whether proceedings for divorce, financial arrangements or child arrangements should take place in England or in another country. In these cases it can be very important to take early advice and act quickly, to ensure that you are not disadvantaged.

We often deal with cases where many of the assets are abroad, whether that is holiday properties or offshore trust structures. We know what issues to look out for and have a good network of international lawyers and advisors that we can call on.

Handling sensitive negotiations around where a child lives, and the financial implications of different decisions needs a team as experienced as ours.

And time can be of the essence. If you’re concerned your child might be taken overseas without your consent – or they already have been – you need to get in touch with a lawyer right away. There are emergency measures that can prevent child abduction or help return them sooner.

It is often possible to achieve the recognition and enforcement of orders concerning children made in other countries – or to challenge recognition in appropriate cases.