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Intellectual property

Brand names and logos. Technological innovations and trade secrets. Domain names and designs. These are all examples of intangible – but very valuable – business asset that IP law can safeguard.

Our work covers a wide range of sectors. Our clients include award-winning up-and-coming designers, multinational companies, fashion houses and world-leading academic institutions. We help them innovate with confidence: protecting, commercialising and managing their creative output. That includes:

  • brand development, protection and rights management
  • trade mark registration
  • licensing and commercial agreements
  • buying and selling IP portfolios
  • sponsorship, merchandising and product endorsement
  • advertising standards
  • database rights, data protection and GDPR.

We also offer a worldwide trade mark and design right filing and watch service and a domain name registration service. These work closely with trusted trademark attorneys and domain name registrars.

Our team has extensive experience in managing disputes over IP, including around copyright, trade mark infringement and design and image rights.