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Injunctions are court orders, used to either legally prevent someone from taking an action or make sure they do. They’re often obtained urgently as an emergency measure.

There are different kinds of order we obtain to protect our clients. They include:

  • Occupation orders, which cover who can live in a property or how it’s shared, to protect you or your children from harm
  • Non-molestation orders, which are designed to prevent harassment
  • Financial freezing orders, which protect money and assets during a split
  • Prohibited steps orders relating to children, to prevent a parent taking unilateral acts in relation to a child, for example, removing them from the country without the other parent’s consent.

When to act urgently

If you think your child might be taken out of the country against your wishes – or if they already have been – there’s no time to lose. Instruct a lawyer immediately as there are steps we can take to prevent child abduction or make it more likely they’ll return quickly.

Injunctions may also be needed to protect you or a child from harm if there is domestic abuse. You can read more about this on our domestic abuse page.

Likewise, if your partner or ex is dealing inappropriately with your shared finances or assets, act now. The court takes delays into account when considering whether to make a freezing order.