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International clients

In our interconnected world, legal questions that start in one country might need answers involving another. Where necessary, for matters that cross borders, we draw on an international network to find the right help for you.

If you live in the UK, you might buy assets (like a property) abroad, marry someone who isn’t a UK citizen, or move to another county. In all those situations, you could be affected by different legal systems, from estate planning to paying taxes.

We can also offer advice if you’re a non-UK citizen planning a move here or looking to leave. An important focus is making sure you don’t have to pay more tax than you have to. That might include restructuring asset holdings, creating trusts and setting up separate bank accounts – as well as making sure you don’t stay in the UK tax system if you leave. We can also advise on how your status might change over time.

Offshore trusts can also involve complex issues for UK and non-UK based clients alike. We offer coordinated advice on creation, structuring and administration to settlors, trustees and beneficiaries.

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To manage your affairs at home and abroad, we need to really get to know you. Let us start by introducing ourselves.