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Transactions by non-UK residents

Our clients include a number of foreign individuals, companies and trusts buying, selling or mortgaging UK residential property.

We often work closely with our Private Wealth team and our Corporate and Commercial team to offer advice on how UK and offshore tax structures interrelate. And we’re known for our experience in the fields of tax, trusts and other arrangements for non-domiciled and non-resident clients.

We have plenty of experience advising non-resident individuals in connection with mortgages over residential property.

We are very used to explaining all the quirks of our leasehold system.

When buying or selling, the crucial message is – as always – to contact us very early. The onboarding and compliance formalities for non-residents (persons, corporates, trusts or similar entities) are always more taxing and time-consuming; and we need to get these formalities out of the way before we can properly get the transaction underway.