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Decisions about money after a divorce will affect you for the rest of your life. Getting prompt specialist advice is critical to ensure your financial interests are protected.

On divorce, the court has wide powers to redistribute assets between spouses, with the over-arching requirement being that the provision is ‘fair’. We are experienced in achieving good outcomes for our clients in high-value cases. We regularly advise clients on cases involving assets such as businesses, trusts, overseas assets, pensions, farms and private equity interests.

Judges have significant leeway in making their decisions. That means there’s simply no substitute for a legal team who have their finger on the pulse of case law and judicial thinking – as well as being able to present your case in a strong and convincing way. Of course, getting a financial settlement doesn’t mean going to court, and there are a range of approaches that we can use to achieve a negotiated solution, you can read about your choices here.

Whether or not you use court proceedings, full and frank disclosure is an essential part of reaching a financial settlement. We will help you present your financial position and analyse that of your spouse to make sure you have all the information you need to make decisions about your future.

For international families, we have experience dealing with financial issues after an overseas divorce or annulment. In some cases, the court here can make orders for financial provision even if your divorce took place abroad, and in other cases, the court here may be able to vary ongoing maintenance payments. We can guide you through the complex processes involved.