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Art and cultural property disputes

Disputes bring disruption and uncertainty that can be damaging to an art business. We get to know you and your business inside-out so we can recommend a way forward that gets the best possible result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That might mean going to court – but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes the most effective way forward is alternative dispute resolution methods that are quick and confidential, like mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation or expert determination.

Our team includes trained mediators and arbitrators who are members of Art Resolve. Sometimes they work as neutral third parties to help resolve matters without involving the court process. We also have a long history of specialising in the law around art, culture and heritage artefacts. Across the UK and overseas we work with private, corporate, professional and institutional clients to resolve disputes around:

  • Art recovery
  • Ownership and provenance
  • Restitution and historical claims
  • Authenticity and attribution
  • Fakes and forgeries
  • Fraud and money laundering
  • Regulatory issues
  • Insurance coverage and recovery
  • Illegal export and import
  • Repatriation of human remains
  • Treasure finds.