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Resolve at Hunters: one couple one lawyer

Separation doesn’t have to be a bitter battle. For couples working towards an amicable split, Resolve can help.

Resolve is a constructive service where both of you can get advice from the same lawyer and collaborate on a fair outcome. Because you’re seeing the same lawyer, it’s less likely to raise tensions between you – but you’ll still get tailored legal advice from a highly experienced specialist. It also tends to be less expensive, as you’re only paying one legal team.

To make sure Resolve’s right for you, we’ll meet with you separately first so we know you understand the process and we can make sure it’s in both your best interests to try it. We know there’s a lot to think about, so we’ve gathered some FAQs, or you can give us a call to talk about it.

We won’t advise Resolve if we suspect there’s a lack of trust, a serious power imbalance or domestic abuse – or if we think one of you isn’t willing to negotiate.

Our Resolve experts

To help you navigate sensitive situations, we need to really get to know you. Let us start by introducing ourselves.