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The best legal advice.

With confidence.
With consideration.
With care.

With confidence.
With consideration.
With care.

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Legal issues can be complex and stressful – even those which might initially seem straightforward.

We’ve been tackling tricky legal questions, complex transactions and difficult conversations for over 300 years. In that time, we’ve learned that a cool head makes the best decisions, and can plot a course to calmer waters.

We work with everyone from international entrepreneurs to generations of successful families. We’ll take the time to understand the details of your situation, and devise a plan to achieve the outcome you want.

With confidence. With consideration. With care.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations

Sometimes life can be trying. Our own personal circumstances or the plight of those closest to us can seem overwhelming, almost insurmountable. You would do anything to help friends and family retrieve their happiness, but the route back is obscure.

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years of meeting the needs of our clients

We’ve been around for over 300 years – most of them in Lincoln’s Inn, at the heart of English law.

Since 1715 we’ve been working closely with individuals, businesses, trusts, charities and organisations of all kinds to advise on legal issues. Some of those relationships go back generations.