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Few firms act for more landed estates in England and Wales - and increasingly overseas

There’s plenty of breadth and complexity to the law around landed estates: trust and tax planning, property and agricultural law, employment law, development, planning, heritage law, dispute resolution, family law, fine art and business.

At heart, though, it’s also a very personal undertaking. It’s rare that work on landed estates is a one-off; most of our clients have stuck with us over generations. We take it as a matter of pride to nurture those relationships, and offer families the consistency, continuity and confidence they need to manage these long-term interests.

Among the landed estates we work on are tenanted and in-hand farms, from Northumberland to Cornwall and Norfolk to Wales. A number include heritage property, including houses which are open to the public. Some have a complex ownership structure or include property held subject to Strict Settlements.

These days we often act for families with more far flung landed interests – in Scotland, Ireland, mainland Europe, the US and beyond. While every client is different what they all have in common are the challenges, commercial pressures and emotional connections to the family business that are the essence of managing landed estates. And with our centuries spent beside them, we understand those very well too.