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Divorce and separation

There’s much more to the end of a relationship than getting a divorce. There are plenty of significant legal decisions to make – about money, ongoing contact and arrangements for children, as well as managing all the practical and emotional consequences.

The formal divorce paperwork is now straightforward. The application is done online, with no need for either of you to attend court, or to explain why the relationship has broken down. The application can be made jointly if you both wish, or can be made by either one of you.

If you and your partner both want to separate without divorcing, so that you remain married as a matter of law, we can help you prepare a separation agreement, to set out the financial and other arrangements to be made on your separation.

Sometimes separation agreements are also the way forward for couples who have never married or had a civil partnership. These days, many of us live together for a long time, but never legally formalise the relationship. As there’s currently no legal concept of ‘common law marriage’ in England and Wales, there’s no legislation that covers financial support for couples who split up in these circumstances – though you can seek financial provision for children. So a specialist team can help you understand your rights under trust and property law.