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5th April 2023

The Calypso King, the Windmill Girl and the £8m Estate

The Calypso King, the Windmill Girl and the £8m Estate

The High Court has found in favour of Jobyna Watts in relation to a claim brought by her son that she had forged the last Will of her husband, Eustace Watts, known as the 'Calpyso King'.

Mr Watts, a singer-songwriter originally from Grenada, had met Mrs Watts whilst she was a so-called 'Windmill girl' who entertained audiences with exotic dances at the Windmill nightclub in Soho.

Mr Watts' last Will left his entire estate to his wife who was also appointed as the sole executrix.

Mr and Mrs Watts' son, Carlton, alleged that the signature on Mr Watts' last Will was a forgery.

Both mother and son adduced expert evidence forensically examining the last Will, with the court preferring the evidence of Mrs Watts' expert.

Mrs Watts was also able to call on the solicitor who had taken her husband's instructions for his Will and had been present at its execution. She had a clear recollection of the deceased who she described as "quite a character" and was well-known in the Hounslow area.

The solicitor's 'clear" and 'consistent' recollections were undoubtedly a serious - and as it proved - unassailable hurdle for the defendant. 

This goes to show the value of being able to produce independent evidence from a solicitor as to a Will's preparation and execution.

You also wonder whether the dispute could have been avoided entirely if Mr Watts (senior) had been able to have a potentially difficult conversation with his son Carlton as to the contents of his last Will.