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13th June 2024

Social Mobility Day 2024

Today marks Social Mobility Day in the UK, an annual event aimed at raising awareness and understanding of social mobility. 

This year, Hunters’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee are running an internal campaign to reflect on the meaning of social mobility and the steps we can take as a firm and as individuals to promote socio-economic diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and further afield. 

We had the pleasure of hosting Sultana Tafadar KC of No5 Barristers’ Chambers who discussed her path into the law and gave her insight and perspective on the steps that can be taken to promote social mobility and empower those from less advantaged backgrounds to succeed. Sultana is a specialist in Criminal Law, Counter Terrorism & National Security Law, and International Human Rights Law and was the first hijab-wearing criminal barrister to be appointed King’s Counsel. 

Sultana spoke about her upbringing growing up in a Bangladeshi family in Luton and the barriers and challenges she faced on her journey to becoming a barrister. Also touched upon, was the importance of reframing how we look at social mobility. In particular, Sultana emphasised the importance of looking past the surface and considering the context that surrounds a person’s achievements.

The talk concluded with a lively Q&A where Sultana touched upon her thoughts on mentoring (both traditional mentoring and reverse mentoring) and the benefits of blind recruitment. 

The key takeaways from Sultana’s discussion were:

  • To reframe how we think about talent: it is important to look beyond the surface and consider how a person’s background may have impacted their achievements and whether they have had the opportunity yet to thrive and succeed. 
  • Empowering individuals through mentoring: never underestimate the importance of a mentorship relationship and how meeting individuals already established in their career from a similar background can empower someone to take the leap and pursue that field.

To round off our Social Mobility Day celebrations, our EDI committee will be hosting a two-part viewing of ‘How to Crack the Glass Ceiling’, a BBC documentary which considers class barriers within the UK and how these can be addressed. We hope this will encourage further discussion regarding social mobility and the steps we can take both inside and outside of Hunters to tackle this important issue. 

For more information on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Hunters, please click here: Equality, diversity and inclusion