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2nd June 2023

Generative AI and employment

Generative AI and employment
Samuel Isaac
Samuel Isaac
Trainee Solicitor

In a Financial Times article, Tim Harford, the long-time host of BBC Radio 4's More or Less, provides an astute insight into how technology has changed the workplace over time. 

As he highlights, some technologies have transformed how we work - taking the laborious tasks away from us but relying on human expertise to still work effectively. Others, such as the satnav, replaced the need for human expertise entirely.

Screenwriters in Hollywood are currently striking, afraid that artificial intelligence (AI) advancements will prove the technology to be in the latter camp - entirely replacing their role in producing formulaic day-time TV scripts. 

Others, including those in the legal sector, are far more sceptical and see generative AI as useful but without any knowledge to replace the legal insight our clients pay for.

In any case, the development has caused significant anxiety among many employees who now want guarantees from employers that the computers won't force them out. 

History has shown that we can't hold back the tide of technological progress, but also that careful and considered implementation is vital to ensure that all the risks and benefits are fully comprehended before they are widely used.