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28th April 2023

An evening with Mala Tribich

An evening with Mala Tribich
Samuel Isaac
Samuel Isaac
Trainee Solicitor

It is always a privilege to hear from a Holocaust survivor but it was incredibly special to see the reception Mala Tribich received at Hunters yesterday. 

Over 50 employees, friends and family came to hear her speak about her harrowing memories of ghetto life, her time in Bergen-Belsen and those that she lost at the hands of the Nazis.

I was particularly taken by something said by Mark Stiebel, Partner, in his opening remarks for Mala. Sadly, as those that experienced these atrocities first-hand leave us, it becomes easier to see the Holocaust as a piece of history that we can't connect with. However, taken in the context of the firm's 300-year history, these events really did not happen so long ago and it is our duty to remember those we lost. This duty of remembrance has now fallen to us and events such as these are so important to give testimony of the lives that were taken from us too soon.

Mala's constant energy and enthusiasm is something that cannot fail to inspire. Survivors like her give their lives to the memories of those that were lost because they understand better than others that time has an ability to wash away the impressions of those we love if we don't tell each other about them, keeping them alive in our thoughts and our actions. 

Lincoln's Inn was privileged to have Mala Tribich visit last night and I know that her story will continue to affect all those that hear it for many years to come.