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21st August 2023

Advancing global gender equality: HL Safeguarding’s contribution to BEI report

Advancing global gender equality: HL Safeguarding’s contribution to BEI report
Dominik Opaliński
Dominik Opaliński

I was delighted that HL Safeguarding was able to be a contributor to the recent British Expertise International (BEI) report: Beyond Boundaries: The role of UK-based organisations in advancing Global Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

The paper outlines the role played by British companies in delivering support and activities designed to tackle global issues that limit gender equality and inclusion. It also provides an outline of the issues faced by marginalised members of society across the world and the way that these can be tackled and changed.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is the collective term for action needed to ensure equal protection of rights, political participation, access to basic resources and quality of services to all. GESI is widely recognised as a fundamental human right and a precondition for sustainable development.  

My colleagues and I designed a safeguarding pilot scheme to address complaints of historic abuse in an institutional setting in East Africa. Our pilot scheme has been designed to be an effective and sustainable resource in helping to combat gender-based violence and abuse while providing survivors with better access to justice and meaningful redress. 

Our model is victim-focused and provides a more effective method of securing accountability against perpetrators while enhancing the rule of law and promoting tangible cultural change to enhance the protection of vulnerable people in impoverished and/or disadvantaged communities. 

Our pilot plan is still in its early stages but when complete, we anticipate that the results and evaluation will help create a permanent safeguarding structure in East Africa that will evolve to provide a comprehensive countermeasure in fighting the evil of abuse and exploitation of young and vulnerable people. You can find the full BEI report here

HL Safeguarding is a consultancy dedicated to helping charities, businesses, religious orders and NGOs in the UK and internationally ensure that children or vulnerable and/or ‘at risk’ groups in their care are able to develop and enjoy their lives safe from harm, abuse and neglect. As a relatively young organisation, we are humbled that we are recognised worldwide and look forward to making our mark in many organisations in the years to come.